Mastering Candle Magick

Mastering Candle Magick Cover

Book: Mastering Candle Magick by Patricia Telesco

This book explores the oldest and most widely used metaphysical method in a whole new way. More than being a simple collection of candlelit spells, charms, and Divinations, the keynote to this book is living magick every moment of every day using candles as a component or focus in that goal. In the pages of this book you'll discover a wonderful variety of candlelit activities including how to: o Create or adapt your own candlelit spells, rituals, charms, and chants. o Light candles for abundance, joy, health, and prosperity. o Work candle-oriented spells for birthday blessings, anniversaries, and other special celebrations. o Devise charms and amulets from candles and candle wax. o Utilize candles as part of group workings (especially those for unity and healing). o Apply candles as an effective part of nearly any metaphysical method. This adored, time-honored art is simple, user-friendly, ecologically sound, inexpensive, and sublimely effective.

As with Patricia Telesco's other books, this one is well-written, accessable, down to earth and reads like you're having a friendly chat with a long-time acquaintance. Ms. Telesco is one of my favorite Craft authors and never fails to impress me with her creativity, along with the usefulness and variety of ideas, spells and practices. I really enjoy her way of the Craft and so I'm even more thrilled when she comes out with books that go beyond the 101/learning/beginning stages, like this one. She doesn't spend a lot of time on the basics, which is nice because that's usually (as it should be IMO) understood if you're picking up a more advanced book. A nice compliment to its predecessor and a useful addition to the book collection of anyone interested in the area of Candle Magic.

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