Keep Close Your Lover That Is Far Away

Keep Close Your Lover That Is Far Away Cover
Do this ritual the night before the full moon in any month. Before working this magic, bathe in rose or orange blossom gel or soap.

Items you will need for this spell:

* A lock of your lover's hair (7 or 9 hairs are enough)
* A cinnamon stick
* Petals of one red rose
* 3 rose quartz (cleansed by the method of your choice)
* Walnuts in the shell (about 1 pound)

Having assembled your supplies:

* Grate the cinnamon stick in a wooden bow.
* Cut your lover's hair into the grated cinnamon and mix with the rose petals.
* Place the 3 rose quartz in the cinnamon-hair-rose petals mixture.

As you carefully stir the mixture clockwise say:

I will remember you with love

I want you to be my love

This love will span all distance

Now I bind our love together

Leave the mixture untouched over night. Next day sprinkle a pinch of the cinnamon-hair-rose petals mixture over the walnuts in the shell. Take one rose quartz and the rest of the mixture and bury them under a rose bush. Send the walnuts and one rose quartz to your lover. Keep the remaining rose quartz with you" (c) 2006 Amerindea."

Recommended books (free to download):

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Parker Fillmore - Czechoslovak Fairy Tales
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