Ghost Good Behaviour Spell

Ghost Good Behaviour Spell Image
The Eurasian spirit Hecate guards the frontier between the realms of the living and the dead, negotiating the sometimes divergent needs of both parties. Although she may not banish ghosts entirely (YOU CAN ASK, THOUGH!), she can enforce their good behavior. Hecate is traditionally depicted having one body but three faces, sometimes that of women but most typical that of a dog, a horse and a lion.


* Bring a three-headed image of Hecate to a three-way crossroads.

* Place the image so that each face points toward a road (OR AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE).

* Place food on the ground including fish, honey and a round cake with candles.

* Make an invocation to Hecate requesting that she make the ghosts behave.

* Leave the meal at the crossroads for whoever takes it" of "

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