How To Banish A Fever

How To Banish A Fever Cover
Another one from The Long Lost Friend. I of course recommend seeking medical treatment for serious illness, but this is a magical remedy from a time when there was little recourse for a fever. Some believe that we may be heading to that time again but that’s another story.
Write the following words upon a paper and wrap it up in knot-grass, (breiten megrieb) and then tie it upon the body of the person who has the fever:

Pomat Sineat,
Pomat Sineat,
Pomat Sineat

Though The Long Lost Friend is mostly a book of Christian magics, I’ve always liked the almost Shamanic feel of this. The act of tying words that have only a magical meaning to a person with grass rather than string would speak to what Paul Huson called the “deep mind” in his classic Mastering Witchcraft. Next time your friend has a cold try it out and see.

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