Honeysuckle For Love

Honeysuckle For Love Cover
Honeysuckle is a hardy vine with fragrant flowers that exude sweet nectar. Its twining canes are used magically to bind lovers together, and its floral aroma is a popular scent in perfumes. Honeysuckle is said to aid Love, Romance, Sexuality, and Conjugal Relations, and to encourage Fidelity in marriage.

TO SWEETEN YOUR MATE: Wrap a picture of the two of you together in a red cloth with Honeysuckle Flowers, Cherry Bark, and Rose Petals. (You may also add other Love Herbs, such as Queen Elizabeth Root, Red Clover, Damiana, or Catnip.) Dress the packet with a Love or Attraction Oil, place it in a jar of Honey, and keep it hidden in the home.

Source: Lucky Mojo

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