Balancing A Situation

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Calling a situation into balance can be a bit tricky. For example, suppose you are upside down in your finances - more going out than you can bring in. You can use fire and ice to call for a balance. Here is a spell that can be used to bring balance to any situation.


* An empty paper milk carton (quart size)
* Water, to fill the milk carton
* A gray or brown taper candle as tall as the milk carton
* A pencil
* Piece of string
* Cooking spray
* Large bowl or cauldron (gallon size)
* Sand or soil

Spray the inside of the carton with cooking spray. Tie the string to the wick of the candle. Wrap the other end of the string around the pencil. Place the candle in the milk carton and use the pencil to hold it upright by placing the pencil across the top of the carton. (You may cut small notches in the top of the carton if needed.)

Carefully fill the carton with water and place it in the freezer. When the water is frozen solid, tear the carton away. Place the candle in your cauldron, or other large ceremonial bowl. Note: The bowl or cauldron must be deep enough that the layer of sand or soil will easily absorb all the melting ice without covering (and thus putting out) the lighted candle.

Say, "I call upon the universal forces of my Lord and Lady to bring balance to my life. I will that my current financial situation become balanced in the most beneficial way for me and my loved ones. As I will it, so it shall be." (This can be reworded to fit your specific situation exactly.)

As you light the candle, visualize yourself happily spending and receiving money in perfect balance, always having enough for what is needed. Allow the candle to burn completely down, and then pour the water and sand out under a tree.

Found in: Elemental Witch

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