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Here is a spiritual cleansing ritual for the new moon:


A star. Not as in a movie, but as in the sky. It can be a piece of jewelry, a Yule tree decoration, a picture of a star, a crystal window ornament, a pentacle, or whatever other star you might have. If you are outdoors, or have a window with a clear view on a clear night, you have many stars to choose from.

STEP 1: place your star before you. Or, if your star is in the sky, be in a place where you can see it.

STEP 2. Get comfortable.

STEP 3. Pick one thing - just one - inside yourself that keeps you from nurturing your soul. Something you would like to cleanse away in this ritual.

STEP 4. Close your eyes. (just peek to read a step, then close your eyes to execute that step.)

STEP 5. Imagine that far out in the sky is a star that was made just for you, just to heal you. This is your own special and private healing star. Pretend that such a star exists. Even if you can't believe in this star, imagine it anyway. Pretend it's real. It does exist.

STEP 6. While imagining this star, get in touch with whatever inner block you have decided you want to be cleansed of. Feel it as much as possible.

STEP 7. Send your inner block far, far out to your special healing star. Imagine the block traveling a long, long, long way to the star.

STEP 8. Imagine the star kisses that block. This changes the block into a gift for you, but that is not part of the visualization. The gift is whatever internal attribute you need instead of the block, but you needn't know what the gift is or picture it. Let the Goddess decide what the gift is.

STEP 9. Sit quietly for a minute or two. Be open to your gift coming to you. You may feel something, you may see something, you may learn something. If you don't, that's good too; it is on it's way. Just sit in as receptive a state as you can for as long as is comfortable.

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