The Freezer Spell

The Freezer Spell Cover
Here is a spell for "freezing out" and getting rid of people, situations, and whatever else you don't want to have in your life anymore. Just be sure that you really DON'T want whatever it is that you put into this spell because it really does work.

You will need:

* Black Candle
* Aluminum Foil
* Picture of whatever (whoever) it is you want to get rid of - or you can just write it (names, situation, circumstances, etc) on a sheet of paper. Be as specific as possible.

Now, light the candle, lay the picture and/or the paper on a sheet of aluminum foil. Fold the foil with the paper/picture on it seven times. Seal the package with wax from the burning candle.

While you are sealing it say:

"No longer can you enter my life,

no longer can you cause me strife,

on ice you go. on ice you stay,

go you now away this day.

Then place the package in the back of your freezer knowing it is done. Leave the package there until you are sure that the spell has worked. You can then remove it and drop it into a dumpster far from your home" at" Gay "

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