Days And Corresponding Spellwork

Days And Corresponding Spellwork Cover
Each planet rules a specific day of the week. It is not absolutely necessary to follow this. This is for the optimum results.

Sunday, Sun (Leo)
The Sun's Day
Rules success, ambition, career, sport, healing

Monday, Moon (Cancer)
The Moon's Day
Rules psychic powers, clairvoyance, home, childbirth, feminine qualities

Tuesday, Mars (Aries and Scorpio)
Tiw's Day
Rules courage, men, sexual energy, war

Wednesday, Mercury (Gemini and Virgo)
Woden's Day
Rules communication, education, travel, mental agility, writing, acting

Thursday, Jupiter (Sagittarius)
Thor's Day
Rules expansion, wealth, political power, law, business, insurance matters

Friday, Venus (Libra and Taurus)
Freya's Day
Rules love, beauty, music, the arts, the environment

Saturday, Saturn (Capricorn)
Saturn's Day
Rules karma, property, inheritance, agriculture

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