Powerful Wish Spell

Powerful Wish Spell Cover POWERFUL WISH SPELL

This is a little complicated to describe but is well worth it.

You need a piece of recycled paper (recycled Notebook paper work's fine). On the
paper, write a short poem or chant to the Goddess and God that states your wish.
It is alright if you aren't the best poet on earth, but its very important that
you say exactly how you feel and what exactly you need. Do you best and say it
from the heart. Close the poem with thanks to the Goddess and God.

Fold it in half with the words inside it. Draw a triple goddess sign on the
outside. Now fold it in half again with the symbol on the inside. Draw a
pentacle on the paper. Finally, flip it over and write your name and birth date
on the other side. Put this aside in a safe place and your wish will come true
in due time. If you change your mind before it comes true, burn the paper and
put the ashes to the earth.

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