Stead Hallowing Spell Norse Tradition

Stead Hallowing Spell Norse Tradition Cover

This is a stead hallowing spell in the Norse tradition.

When Mostr's hairy Hrolf was led,
By mighty Thor, his Friend, Godspeed,
'Cross churning white-capped Ocean wide,
To Stafa's banks to Thorsa's side.
VingThor shewed Mostrarskegg the way,
Who Hymir's monstrous brood did slay,
Great Thor Who drove from Oeger's stead,
The Blasphemer Who fearful fled.
T'was Thor by Grace and magic spell,
Led Hrolf to Holy Helgafell.
The godhi marked with burning brand,
The borders of his Godgiftland.
By Goddess-power and God's own might,
He hallowed thus the holy site,
That nought profane might e'er pollute,
Nor leet nor thing nor Sacred Blot.
In manner like by Eordhe's Grace,
And Thor's hot power, I mark this place,
And in Thor's name, all bane and doubt,
By Magic Rune, I banish out.

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