Pour Out Your Troubles

Pour Out Your Troubles Image
In a moment, hold out your hands in front of you, as though you were holding a sphere the size of a small melon. Imagine that you are holding the moon.

The full moon.. is in your hands.. and you are holding it.
you can see it.. bright and shining in your hands just like it is bright and shining in the sky.
Into this sphere,
I want you to pour all your troubles,
all your cares,
all your worries
and all those things that swirl around in the back of our minds
and make our thinking unclear
and our motivation murky.
Let them all pour into this amazing container -
thoughts, pictures, feelings, people, bills, the past, the future, all of it.
It's quick once it gets going.
When you have poured in all your current cares,
take the sphere in both hands,
lift it up high over your head and throw it behind you.
back up into the sky.
each day as the moon wanes..
your troubles are waning along with it..

Take a deep breath and enjoy.

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