Brotherly And Sisterly Love

Brotherly And Sisterly Love Cover
To draw children in a family closer, as well as to stop them from bickering, take water from a stream or river. Bring it to a boil on a fire built with fresh twigs. Write the name of each child on a bay leaf and let them simmer together in the water. Ask Venus (The Goddess of Love) to bless them.

Using a pin, inscribe the names of the children on a pink candle and then light the candle, so that its flame may flicker over your spell.

Take a pink, a blue, and a green ribbon. Braid them together, knot the ends, and tie a knot in the middle. The first know represents will, the second, wisdom, and the third, activity.

Remove the pot from the fire and leave it to cool. Extract the bay leaves. Allow the candle and the fire to burn down.

In the garden or in an unused flower pot, bury the ribbon under the bay leaves. Sprinkle ash from the fire on top, and then plant a rosebush or miniature rose on top of everything. (The rose is a potent ingredient in any love potion.)

As the rose grows, the bond between the children will be strengthened. This spell is also said to work when children from two marriages are brought together.

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