How To Dispell Goblins

How To Dispell Goblins Cover A goblin is sometimes helpful but mostly a curse. If you have a friendly one then you are lucky. If you have a mischievous one then you need this spell.

First identify the little buggers point of origin. As well as you can identify the day you first noticed him. Then look around in those moments before you noticed- are there any social disturbances? Any arguments? I ask because the goblin is allowed Through into your realm of existence by way of disruptions. There is a cord which leads like an umbilical from the point of origion to the goblin itself. Do not cut this cord!

You must conspire to have the goblin pulled back Through the hole by a kind faery(who may want a treat in exchange) or you can call up a spirit helper who is qualified. This can all be accomplished via your usual rites.

The goal here is to have the goblin sucked back from whence it came taking all its disruptions with it. The effect is that you have reversals of bad circumstances which mark the exit of the goblin.

This is it, spelled out, so to speak-
1)Identify the goblins first intrusion into your time stream and take note of surrounding disturbances which weakened you and allowed the goblin in.

2)Stop commiting the Actions which invited said goblin, or weaken you enough to not be able to stop it.

3)Find a kind helpfull faery and give it a treat in exchange for its help.

4)The faery will, if placated properly, use its wiles to trick the goblin into following it back into the faery realm where it must wait for some poor soul to become weak enough for it to enter a life stream again.

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