A Witchs Guide To Faery Folk How To Work With The Elemental World

A Witchs Guide To Faery Folk How To Work With The Elemental World Cover

Book: A Witchs Guide To Faery Folk How To Work With The Elemental World by Edain Mccoy

Working on the idea that faeries are not merely mythological creatures or elemental archetypes, but actual beings who can aid in pagan rituals and magic, McCoy tells the reader where to find them, how to call them (or protect against them), spells and rituals involving the little people and a rather helpful dictionary of faery folk from around the world. I'm impressed with the amount of actually helpful Information which McCoy has included in this book.

Work magick with help from the little people. All over the world, people have reported encounters with a race of tiny people who are neither human nor deity. This book reclaims that lost, rich heritage of working with faery folk that our Pagan ancestors took for granted. Edain McCoy teaches how to work with faeries in a mutually beneficial way. Practice rituals and spells in which faeries can participate, and discover tips to help facilitate faery contact. These capricious creatures can help with divination, past life recall, scrying, and spiritual quests. Also included is a dictionary of more than 230 faeries that include goblins, gnomes, elementals, seasonal faeries, and angels.

Section one explains the nature of fairies, the fairie Experience aroung the globe, how and where to find them, how to protect yourself from the bad ones and a "guided Meditation to fairyland". Section two has ideas on spells and rituals for you and the little people and how to create your own fairy beings and section three is a dictionary of the "Fairies of the world". It is REALLY a great book! The descriptions are so detailed! I just opened up to a page and scanned in one of the descriptions of a fairy: Alven - Land of Origin: Netherlands. Other Origins: None known. Other Names: Ottermaaner. Element: Water. Appearance and Temperament: Alvens have bodies thatlight as to make them almost invisible. They are not winged but they can travel through the air by becoming encased in a water bubble. Occasionally they will show themselves while wearing the skins of otters. Their malice towards humans extends only to who choose to desecrate their homes and sacred plants. Time Most Active: At night. Lore: Alvens are creatures of the moon under whose light they dance and play. They are water faeries who live in ponds, lakes and rivers, but the River Elbe is sacred to them and in it they make principal home. They cherish night-blooming plants and will harm any human who attempts to pick or destroy them. Fish are their only known enemies, and they prefer to live in water enclosures there are none. Where to Find Them: In the River Elbe, an easy journey on the inner plane. How to Contact: Look for them in Faeryland and try approaching them as a friend, someone who also loves the moon and nature. Magickal and Ritual Help: Undetermined, but they may be useful in protective and healing spells for a night-blooming garden or for the marine environment. That is just an example of one type...a few other names: Ballybogs, Baraboas, Brownies, Coblynau, Domoviyr, Elle Maids, Fireesin, Gnomes, Gremlins, Hobgoblins, Jack Frost, Knockers, Lesidhe, Lorelei, Merrows, Nokke, Oakmen, Pixies, Portunes, Saleerandees, Spunkies, Twlwwyth Tegs, Undines, Wag-by-the-way, Zips... the list goes on! There is a great resource guide in the back and suggestions for making up stories, etc...

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