Spell Of The Arrow

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The Spell of the Arrow

This is a very old spell, which incorporates symbols which are placed along the shaft of an arrow. Traditionally this was performed on the shore of a lake, or other calm body of water (such as a Bay). It was necessary to be able to see the
"path of the Moon" in the water. This "path" is the reflection of the moon, stretched along the surface of the water.

To perform this spell, you must take a new arrow and place the symbols of your wish/desire along its shaft. Meaningful words or phrases may also be added. When the Moon is full, go to the shore, and face the water. Fix the arrow into your bow and gaze out upon the path of light (which leads to the Moon). Next, speak the words of enchantment, then release the arrow:

"Where path of Light, to Moon I see,
the powers of the Queen shall be !
Shaft of wood, as shaft of light,
earth to moon, does now give flight !

The arrow can either be shot out into the path on the water, or upward towards the Moon. The arrow was sacred to Diana, and was considered to carry special powers and blessings, in this type of spell. This is a folkmagic level spell, and speaks of the early Pagan simplicity concerning magic (more of the Shaman roots). My mother used to say that a ceremonial magician must prepare for magic, and wait upon the proper time and setting. But a witch can pick up a twig, anywhere, anytime, and work a spell of magic.

I thought that I would add a couple more basic sea spells, since I still have some room on this post.

1. To gain favor with the Goddess, form your name with white petals upon the shore, so that the tide will carry them out. This is a very old part of the Janarric Initiation ceremony, which ends with the new Initiate performing this, so that he/she is "introduced" to the God & Goddess, through the naming spell.

2. To break an "evil" spell (or cure an affliction) form 3 connecting towers out of wet sand, near the shore of the sea. Take 3 dark shells (or spotted shells)
and place a symbol of the thing you wish removed, on each. Use a substance which will wash away in the water. Place one of the shells upon the top of each tower.
Then simply sit, and focus on the towers as the waves come and break them down.
In your mind, see the power of the sea destroying the thing which you desire to remove.

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