Bring Him Or Her To Heel

Bring Him Or Her To Heel Cover
This spell is very useful for people who are being given the "Run-around" by their lover or mate. It brings the wayward lover to heel quite nicely and once this is accomplished, you can dictate the terms of your relationship. You must not, however, allow the container to thaw or you will be back to where you started. When you defrost your refrigerator, borrow your neighbor's freezer!



2 pieces of paper each approximately 1 inch
by 1/2 inch

One pen


One small receptacle big enough to hold the paper without
the need of folding. (The lid of a screw-top jar is
quite satisfactory.


(1) Write the name of your lover/mate on one piece of paper.

(2) Place paper face upward in container.

(3) Write your own name on the second piece of paper.

(4) Place second piece of paper, face downward, on top of
first piece. Make sure that the bottom piece of paper
is exactly covered by the top piece.

(5) Pour honey into container so that both pieces of paper
are completely covered.

(6) Place container, complete with paper and honey, in
refrigerator freezer compartment.

*Note* If you're doing this for a mate who lives with you, don't use the
home refrigerator. Hahahahahaha!
This spell can be done at any time in any phase of the moon.

Recommended books (free to download):

Emilie Kip Baker - Stories From Northern Myths
Michael Magee - Robin Hood And The Witches

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