Wicca For Beginners Fundamentals Of Philosophy And Practice

Wicca For Beginners Fundamentals Of Philosophy And Practice Cover

Book: Wicca For Beginners Fundamentals Of Philosophy And Practice by Thea Sabin

In her first book-length work, Sabin presents a first-rate, fresh and thorough addition to the burgeoning field of earth-based spiritual practice volumes. Sometimes using examples that young people can relate to (SATs, dying grandmothers), she opens the door to this path for people of all ages who want concrete beginnings to "work actively and spiritually to develop as a person." Sabin covers well the familiar territory of the calendar, circle, pentagram, tools, etc., but she shines distinctively in several areas. The first is in Wiccan history, written in a light, informative style that magically mines depth, breadth and brevity. Another is in the emphasis on personal will and ethical practices that transcend reliance on external paraphernalia. She also deftly shows how the various tools and spells can be put into use, but always encourages practitioners to utilize their own experiences, environment and spiritual intelligence to shape their practice. Especially helpful are the criteria to assess groups and potential teachers, and the volume is capped by a fine bibliography. Sabin advocates consistent study, practice and evolved learning. Gently admonishing her reader not to become a "one-book wonder," Sabin has nearly voided her own advice with this important first effort that is perfect for novice Wiccans.

As a teacher of Wicca for many years, I'm always looking for better materials to use for training. I am grateful to Ms. Sabin for providing what will undoubtedly be the introductory book I will recommend for the foreseeable future. She presents the basics without pushing any given path or tradition, often presenting varying interpretations and viewpoints in a non-judgemental manner. This is a solid foundation for seekers to use as a springboard to whatever flavor of Wicca they choose to explore. I appreciate that she addresses ethics within Wicca, which many authors seem to avoid, or present in a highly simplistic manner. The book is clearly meant for beginners, hence the title, and is possibly the best overall introduction I have yet seen.

I bought this book to learn more about the wiccan religion as my girlfriend is wiccan and I had no prior (correct) knowledge of the religion. This book offers an excellent intro to the history, philosophy and basic practices of the religion as the title suggest. Its also doesn't read like a textbook so its fun and to read. In general I would reccomend this book to anyone just starting out who wants to learn more about the religion.

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Wicca For Beginners Fundamentals Of Philosophy And Practice

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