Occult Ritual The Ritual Of Holy Water

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(Image - Holy water holder for some Roman churches can be seen on entering for blessing yourself..)

Holy water is one old Occult ritual used modernly these days in Christianity or Catholic faith. The use of the water has been described to bestow a number of paranormal abilities including blessing, healing, removing demons or bad spirits, clean sins, destroy vampires and many more..



Holy water originates way back in pre bible days and links to the old pagan religion where Christianity began, it was generally signified by the act of meditating near a river for blessing and healing. In fact in many ways if done right water can be charged with any sorts of feelings and emotions, it only makes sense that deep meditation could fuel the water for greater benefits. In the old days many pagans would worship or meditate to the earth and the elements, water or rivers was one and that's where holy water originally surfaced.

Later on in modern times it is used in Churches and it depends more so on the priest of holy person behind the water for its benefits. If the creator of the holy water blessing is not practicing the blessing rights in full understanding then the water could have little or no effect. In a way holy water is more like a symbol of faith these days as most Catholic or Christian faiths have lost the understanding of the water and how to create it properly..


A simple ritual to create your own holy water is simply by meditating or praying quietly for a few hours with the water in front of you..Visualise when getting close to meditative trance, a stream of pure beautiful meditative energy going into the water through you and the earth.. A good colour to use for this is blue.. Say to yourself and to the water, I am blessed by the earth and by the energies of life for protection and health.. Both physically and spiritually.. And so is the water.. Let the water be blessed by the healing energies of life..

Keep repeating the mental thoughts and words of the energy healing and allowing the water to be charged.. After a while the water will change to holy water.. The water will hold the energy for long periods of time..

Science via quantum physics has indicated water can hold thoughts and emotions, considering we are over 90% water think about how positive or negative thoughts can effect us..

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Wim Van Den Dungen - Enoch And The Day Of The End
Aleister Crowley - Evocation Of Bartzabel The Spirit Of Mars

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