Herbal Spells To Ward Off Evil Spirits

Herbal Spells To Ward Off Evil Spirits Image
According to occult belief, performing any of the following simple spells with a strong conviction will work to keep all evil spirits and demons at bay:

1. Burn a dried ginseng root.

2. Carry fennel seeds in a mojo bag.

3. Hang fennel over your doors and windows.

4. Wear the root of a devil's shoestring around your neck.

5. Shake a hollowed-out gourd filled with dried beans.

6. Plant holly around your home.

7. Wear or carry an orrisroot or peony root as a protective amulet.

8. Hang some plantain or periwinkle above your front door and windows.

9. Burn a sage smudge wand.

10. Sprinkle an infusion of vervain around the perimeter of your property.

Another old method used by European Witches and Christians alike to ward off evil spirits called for St. John's wort to be gathered on St. John's Day (June 24th). The herb would then be hung above the doors and windows of houses and barns to prevent evil spirits from gaining entry. When worn or carried in a mojo bag, St. John's wort was believed to guard against the most evil of spirits, as well as all demonic entities.

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