Love Spell To Rekindle The Fire

Love Spell To Rekindle The Fire Cover

This spell is meant for couples (married or not) that need to add a little spice
to their Relationship.

What you need:

2 Fig Cookies
1 Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter
A Small Knife or Sharp Instrument
Vanilla Extract

Take the two fig cookies and cut them into hearts using the cookie cutter.

Carve his/her initials in one cookie and your initials in the other cookie.

Anoint each cookie with the vanilla extract using your thumb.

Light some candles of your choice (pink, red, purple for love) and burn some
Incense (lavender etc...).

Take his/her cookie (with his/her initials carved into it), and he/she should
take your cookie.

Eat each others cookie by crossing arms (like the bride and groom do with the
Champagne at the Reception).

The spell should work right away and you both should feel very romantic.

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