A Bit Of Weather Magick

A Bit Of Weather Magick Cover
Sprinkle rice clockwise while another person or a musical tape plays slowly increasing drumbeats. This sympathetic magic can work to bring rain or snow; for rain, I suggest dyeing the rice blue. This type of rain magic was common in the ancient Far East.

Alternative tools here include shaking a rattle or rain stick (an African tradition), turning on a sprinkler, or even using a spritzer bottle. In European folklore it is said that hitting wet rags against stone or shaking a wet broom upon the ground can similarly encourage precipitation.

Spell Usage

Moderating or changing certain weather patterns.

Spell Timing

November and December waxing moon to bring a specific type of weather, waning moon to stop it. Water signs and Wednesday to encourage precipitation, fire signs and Sunday for dryness. Earth Day.

Recommended books (free to download):

Benjamin Rowe - A Ritual Of The Heptagram
Anonymous - The Basics Of Magick
Borce Gjorgjievski - History Of Western Magic

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