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One protection ritual I'm fond of takes a symbol of the person, place or thing to be warded (a pen, a piece of jewelry, a little toy house or car) and drops it into a heavily charged vessel of water (a gallon jug perhaps) to which colors which symbolize protection may have been added. As the water level drops, it is replenished so that the item stays covered. The energy it takes to keep track of the water level is a reminder to keep the intent fresh.

I've been told by a couple who used this method that the water appeared to evaporate faster when they suspected "attack".

Further, there are plenty of "visualization" techniques that can be adapted to more concrete methods…wrap a symbol of the attacker in tin-foil, shiny side IN, in order to create a focus that is similar in function to the widely used visualization of "placing the attacker in a mirrored sphere…" so that his or her own trash stays with or comes back to him or her.

Upon this, also considered the "witches ball"…those big reflective lawn ornaments that look like they are standing in a big white bird bath. These are classic wigits to repel all sorts of negativity. Their small cousins are shiny Christmas tree ornaments…these are nice to hang in the windows of your home…small, portable, quick and easy, and I have reason to believe they work.

Lastly, consider other classical defenses – the "Witches Bottle" – recipes vary, but the general idea is to take a big old jar, like maybe a mayonnaise jar, and fill it with pins, needles, tacks, nails or heaps of brightly colored, tangled threads, along with assorted fluids, some of which are noxious and/or personal…
and bury the thing beneath the front step if the home in peril.

Various explanations run that: a) all those pointy ends dissipate the energies and ground them, like so many zillion itty bitty lightning rods, or that any attacking entity will become distracted by the weird and glittery pretties, and HAVE to stop and count every one…by which time they forget the mission…or else they have to stop and follow the tangled threads, each to their ends, (knot one together for real fun) and so, accomplish the same thing. I haven't tried this one.

Telepathy specific techniques include thinking consciously of the person you think is attacking. Conscious awareness seems to do a terrific job of STOPPING telepathic traffic…(even when you wish it wouldn't).

Might I ask WHY the bias against visualization techniques? Might I also ask what makes you so sure you are being attacked?

Recommended books (free to download):

Aleister Crowley - Book 4 Part I Meditation
Frater Achad - Qbl Or The Brides Reception
Aldous Huxley - The Doors Of Perception

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