Love Spell By Raven

Love Spell By Raven Cover Supplies: materials to cast a circle,one red or pink candle, love oil, pin, red or pink crayon or pen, a pink or red or piece of paper.

Step 1: Cast your circle
Step 2: Visualize the type of man you want to be with. Make sure to visualize everything you are looking for in him, like looks, hair, job, sensitivity, caring, understanding, not violent, sex, size of his "want not", honesty, loyalty, respect, ect.
Step 3:write with pin into candle"love come to me" annoint the red/pink candle with oil, starting at top to center change hands and do same from bottom to center. All while concentrating on man and focusing energy into candle. Light candle off of alter candle(white). Set on altar.
Step 4: Take piece of paper and write on it "love come to me" around the words encircle it with touching hearts.(use red/pink crayon-better to use pink paper and red crayon)Set paper under red candle.
Step 5: Say aloud(while concentrating on person)
"By the power of hope and truth
By the power of the old and youth
In true love with him i want to be
By the power of the universe let love come to me"
Step 6: Take piece of paper and set it on fire with red candle and repeat the rhyme above, Throw the paper in pot and say "so mote it be".
Step 7: Close circle

There is no need to repeat but for the spell to be stronger repeat the next 2 nights/days. It worked for me I hope it works for you! BE CAREFUL though not to let any negative thought enter your mind while doing this spell. It may also help to visualize the outcome and try not to make the person anyone in particular.

Blessed Be To You And Yours! Raven

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