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Online spells bring about definite results using magical formulae. There are different sorts of magic spells online. Online spells can vary from simple magical rituals to complex magical rituals. A prayer to fulfill your heart's deepest desires can also be a spell. Amulets, voodoo dolls, talismans, sigils, potions, and powders are also magic spells online. Love spells online can be used for finding and attracting love and binding lovers, online money spells can bring money, and voodoo spells online can be used to curse, destroy, or harm. Today you can learn anything about online spells on the internet through various websites. There are psychics too who can take you through a course on any spell casting online of your choice for a price.

Herbs are very commonly used to achieve results in magic spells online. Each herb has a specific application. For example Fig is used for divination and love, Ginger for money, success and love, Cloves for exorcism, love, protection and money, Cedar for healing, Liliac for banishing, Lavender for sleep, purification, longevity, happiness, Bamboo for luck, repelling negative energies and wishes etc. Candles, cauldron, oils, paper, ink, crystal balls, Pentagon altar tile wood, Pentagon altar Bell, Altar tables, glass, Incense cones and sticks, amber necklaces, Altar clothes are some of the numerous other materials used in spell casting online. Some of the other important herbs and their applications and uses in magic spells online for purposes like healing rituals, spell work and "Sacrifices" are Mandrake root, rose hips, white sage, honey and lavender. Mandrake root is commonly used by psychics to resemble human figure in a crude way for increasing the intensity of magic spells online. It is also believed that it brings better understanding of many of the magic related problems. Rose hips are used in oil form externally to restore skin firmness by astringing and nourishing the tissues. It is full of many important vitamins which have magical purposes of protecting the body and mind and also for healing. White sage is mostly used for the purpose of cleansing and smudging. It also has other purposes like banishing negativity. Lavender is a purple nice smelling flower used for reducing headaches and tension. It can also be used for online spells dealing with healing and dreams for its calming effect on most people.

In every activity related to magic spells online an altar is mostly the central focal point and your magical tools can be safely stored in it. It is placed usually in the centre or north of your circle. There are also several other things that can be placed on the altar ranging from chalice, candles, athame, pictures, spellbook containing spells, to flowers, incense, colors representing what your doings are on a holiday and even precious and semi-precious stones that you've known across during your life. However, an altar and all the other material things need not be physically present, but can be created through imagination. Also adequate practice before casting spells helps.

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