Hungry Ghosts

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Samhain (aka Halloween) is a magical time of the year. It has Celtic roots. It marks the beginning of the "dark" part of the year. It's also the moment when the "veils" between the realms of the living and dead are "thinned" making communication easier.

You can actually invoke blessings from "hungry" ghosts who are without any family or friends, and that have long been forgotten. You'll love the little strokes of "good luck" and other goodies you begin to receive.

Beginning 1 or 2 weeks before October 31, (Samhain/Halloween), here's what to do:

Every night before you go to bed, place a glass of milk and a plate of barley outside your home under the stars.

This will ease lonely ghosts' "hunger" for attention. It will prevent any mischief, and will bring blessings, luck, and fortune into your life during the next week.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Ida Craddock - The Wedding Night
Phil Hine - Oven Ready Chaos

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