The Faerie Way A Healing Journey To Other Worlds

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Book: The Faerie Way A Healing Journey To Other Worlds by Hugh Mynne

Faeries are very real and powerful energy beings who exist in adimension parallel to our own. These beings embody the enlight-ened energy of the elements, and the wisdom, energy, and primalforce of creation. In this book you'll learn to work with the Sidhe,the faeries of the shining realm, to bridge polarities within yourpsyche, the world, and the universe.Meet the great adepts of the Faerie Tradition, includingThomas the Rhymer, who traveled bodily into Faerieland. Learnhow you can enter the Faerie realm and meet animal helpers andfaerie allies that will help you realign with the natural world.Travel to the mystic cities of the Faerie realm to harmonize your inner and outer worlds. Then travel deeper into Faerieland and
become an initiate of the Faerie Way to transform yourself fromthe spirit outward. Finally, tap the energy of the life-force itselfand achieve ultimate wholeness when you merge with your "Co-Walker" in the Faerie world.For Wiccans, the Faerie Way offers deep spiritual springs ofrenewal. For those on other paths, it provides a much-needednondualistic, shamanic alternative to standard Western magicalcosmology. The path into Faerieland lies open to everyone. Ifyou're a seeker who longs to find "the land of heart's desire," TheFaerie Way will guide your steps.

Can it be said that we are all Celts? Certainly Western civiliza-tion owes as much, if not more, to our Celtic heritage as to Greekand Roman influences.While the origins of the Celtic peoples are shrouded in themists of time, they seem to have come from a civilization centeredaround Greece and the Aegean Sea in the third and fourth mil-lennia B.C., moving out across Europe and occupying areas fromRussia to Spain and finally, Scotland and Ireland in 1472 B.C.The Celtic tribes were politically independent, and—incontrast to the Roman Empire—never truly united under a singleruler. That same independence brought Europeans to the NewWorld, then pulled them westward across the continent througha need to create a "new order for the ages"—and a nation of peo-ple free of social, religious, political and economic oppression.Today, the same Celtic spirit asserts itself as people everywherestruggle for a new political reality.Celtic art, music, magic and myth are unique, and areenjoying a renaissance today. Basic to the Celtic tradition is theacceptance of personal responsibility and realization that all of usconstantly shape and affect the land on which we live. Intrinsic to this notion is the Celtic interrelationship with the Other-
world and its inhabitants. The Celtic world view is a magicalone, in which everything has a physical, mental and spiritualaspect and its own proper purpose, and where our every actaffects both worlds.The books of the Celtic Wisdom Series comprise a magicalcurriculum embracing ideas and techniques that awaken the soulto the myths and legends, the psychological and spiritual truthsand the inner power each of us can tap to meet the challenges ofour times.

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