Ridding A House Of A Ghost

Ridding A House Of A Ghost Image
What you need: 9 pale blue candles (votives work well) and kyphi oil and incense.

It is important to work this spell over nine consecutive nights for complete effectiveness. If you miss a night, bury the remains of the old, burned candles and start again with new candles.

Anoint one of the candles and light the incense. Visualize a soft blue light encasing your home and family members. Light the candle and say:

"Nasty critters, heed these words-
Fly far away, fly like a bird.
Hear me well; I now command
You leave this space, this sacred land.
Out, I say! I order you!
Go peacefully-take flight anew."
Let the candle burn out.

Kyphi oil

Incense (This is a wonderful combination for banishing negative and destructive entities. It also invites good spirits into the home.)
Pine or Cypress needles

Make them all into a powder and burn

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